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Warp-weighted weaving

Preparing the loom

In preparation for an event, Archaeology of the Dark Ages at Bishops Wood Environmental Centre (near Stourport, Worcestershire), mentioned in the last post, I’ve been helping to set up a Saxon style warp-weighted loom. Nina, Deborah and I battled with metres (or yards, in… Continue Reading →

Norwegian warp-weighted loom weavers

I’m re-visiting the ancient (as in thousands of years old) craft of warp-weighted loom weaving in order to share some links to film made in the 1940s and 1950s in Norway. I’m sure many who are interested in weaving will… Continue Reading →

Warp-weighted weaving and flax processing, Part 2

The journey from flax crop in the field to finished linen cloth (even before washing and bleaching) has many steps. Linen fabric (unbleached) And, the transformation from this…….. Retted flax to this………… Flax fibres is remarkable. From scratchy and straw-like,… Continue Reading →

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