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Spinning yarn on a drop spindle and spinning wheel, fibre drafting, carding, woollen and worsted spinning

Go Homespun

I’ve changed the name of my blog, from In Stitches Daily to Go Homespun. I’ve been thinking of changing the name for a while. Why? Well, like many bloggers, I started with a vague idea of what I wanted to… Continue Reading →

Trash batts #1: spinning with yarn scraps

I’ve mentioned that my saving of scraps of just about anything (yarn, fabrics, carding waste etc) knows no bounds, see  Remnants and scraps: When are they too small to use?  After using fabric remnants to make curtains I’ve finally come… Continue Reading →

#Swatchalong: Herdwick swatch

I have some grey Herdwick wool top in my spinning supplies basket which I had started to use as ‘practice fibre’ when getting used to a new spinning wheel. I initially saw it as expendable, should the first efforts at… Continue Reading →

Fleece and Fibre Fun at the Small Breeds Farm

My obsession with fleece and fibre is growing. Not only do I now have a basket of some new types of wool top to spin (new to me) to add to a mountain of Ryeland fleece that I already possess, it… Continue Reading →

Ashford Traveller spinning wheel: Big ‘0’ birthday present

I am now the happy owner of an Ashford Traveller spinning wheel. Recently, on the run up to a big ‘0’ birthday, Mr ‘L’ asked me ‘Could you think of something that you would like my family to buy for… Continue Reading →

Spinning and watching the water levels fall

We’ve had a wet time of it lately. If you’re in the UK you’ll know as it has dominated the news. Here, wind and rain has swept up from the south-west over wet and soaking Somerset (the wettest part of… Continue Reading →

Mix it up

Carding waste – I nearly threw it on the compost heap. I’d been spinning some hand-dyed fleece and was left with the shorter fibres, the little matted blobs and generally unhelpful stuff that was making spinning frustrating. I didn’t quite… Continue Reading →

In praise of Ryeland wool

The recently washed fleece that kept catching my eye has finally got hold of me (but I’m still knitting the soon-to-be raglan jumper). So, back to teasing out the wool and carding into rolags……well, it just needs to be spun…. Continue Reading →

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