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#MenditMay: re-mend it

On the last day of Mend It May I’m reviewing what’s on my mend-it pile. It occurred to me that I have some re-mends to do and some mending that I know will eventually turn into re-mend projects, simply because… Continue Reading →

Remnants and scraps: when are they too small to use?

It’s been a while, but I’m back to reuse of materials – fabric remnants and wool scraps. The sewing machine has been busy lately. All other tools have had to be put away so that curtains can grace a bay… Continue Reading →

Unplanned afghan blanket- don’t plan, just jump right in

Have you ever marvelled at beautiful afghan blankets made from crochet granny squares, or patchwork quilts made from a myriad of scrap pieces of fabric? A truly kaleidoscope effect can be made with some careful arrangement and planning of colours… Continue Reading →

A crafter’s hallowed ground

Inspiration is a fine thing, but sometimes it can fail you…..for a while. Some time ago I embarked on a pair of patchwork curtains made of fabric remnants. I was merrily stitching squares to squares, but something was bothering me…. Continue Reading →

Five thrifty ways to make curtains

Curtains finish a room as well as having the obvious practical advantages of keeping the drafts out and closing you off from the outside world, but you need to be thrifty if you want plush curtains for a reasonable price…. Continue Reading →

A foray into furnishings and home decor

Lately my thoughts have wandered into the realms of sewing home furnishings (at the moment curtains), and even into cross-stitch, embroidery and patchwork. It grew out of a need for curtains. The house renovation project that Mr L and I have been working… Continue Reading →

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