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Plastic-free food shopping 1970s style: Part 2

In my last post Plastic-free shopping 1970s style: Part 1 we went shopping with me and my late Nan on the bus (buz) into Hanley in the centre of Stoke-on-Trent in a bid to investigate the plastic-free food that went into her… Continue Reading →

Plastic-free food shopping 1970s style: Part 1

Thinking of ditching the plastic from your food shopping haul? You wouldn’t be alone. Plastic has been all over the news recently, and you’ve probably been prompted to extract yourself from its stranglehold by the scary statistics about plastic in our… Continue Reading →

Fleece and Fibre Fun at the Small Breeds Farm

My obsession with fleece and fibre is growing. Not only do I now have a basket of some new types of wool top to spin (new to me) to add to a mountain of Ryeland fleece that I already possess, it… Continue Reading →

Wovember: Remember Remember the 5th of Wovember

The 5th of November….. that’s when I should have started Wovember. If you haven’t been Wovemberised, it is a month to wear as much pure wool as possible to show your appreciation of the wonderful stuff; to come out in… Continue Reading →

Return to crafting

It’s been a hectic time at the Go Homespun household, so much so that the knitting needles, crochet hooks, drop spindles and other crafting paraphernalia have had to be put aside (hard to do) – hence a long absence. Over… Continue Reading →

Spinning and watching the water levels fall

We’ve had a wet time of it lately. If you’re in the UK you’ll know as it has dominated the news. Here, wind and rain has swept up from the south-west over wet and soaking Somerset (the wettest part of… Continue Reading →

Knit Archaeology Competition progress

Knit pics for the Knit Archaeology Competition have been coming in on Archaeology Fest Knit PInterest board, but no winner has been anounced yet. I tend to favour useful knits, so my top three favourites (in no particular order) are: Roman… Continue Reading →

Knit Archaeology Competition

I was sent a link to Knit Archaeology Competition today. Festival of archaeology Festival of Archaeology 2013, a UK-wide event on until Sunday 28th July. I had other knitting, maybe even crochet projects in mind for the rest of July, so I’m not sure myself,… Continue Reading →

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