Welcome to Go Homespun!


I’m Liz: I’m a maker and ‘doer’ with an eternal curiosity about far too many things in life. I find it very difficult to be one-track minded, but over time I think I’ve found a way to turn this trait to an advantage. And, I think you could too.

Perhaps you landed here because you have a hunch that your wandering mind (no, multiple talents) could be put to good use….in the home, and that has value. After all, being able to produce and make for yourself (and maybe a few others) is a skill that is satisfying and has the potential to give you a degree of self-reliance. You might aspire to frugal and thrifty ways to live your life: a mind-set that combines well with crafting, mending and producing at home, and a desire for independence from a throw-away culture. You may simply delight in the process of knitting, crochet, sewing, or vegetable growing and want to delve further into the art. Homespun doesn’t have to mean rough and unsophisticated. It can mean beautifully crafted clothes, patchwork quilts using fabric scraps, or homespun yarn that takes skill. Or, on the other hand, easily made items from quality, natural fabrics, fibres or ingredients. Think: simple table linen made in a natural fabric with a little basic stitchery, sauerkraut from allotment veg. Mended clothes can also look beautiful.

If you’re interested in crafting, keeping traditions alive, recycling, re-purposing, creating with vintage and scrap materials, growing and preserving food; you’ve come the right place. I can’t claim to be the fount of all knowledge, but over time I’ve been working on what I see as my ‘homestead’. It didn’t start that way. In fact, a few years ago I thought I would go in a different direction: making and selling handcrafted goods, but metaphorically speaking, I wound back on my own doorstep after some thought and experimentation.

I don’t live in the country, and I don’t live off-grid. I just aspire to living a more simple life with what I have – my house, garden, backyard, a small rented allotment, and drawers full of handy tools! My blog isn’t about making money or how to start a craft business: if anything it’s about how not to spend money, and how to consume less.

Up until now I’ve mainly blogged about textile crafts, but with the newly named Go Homespun blog I’ll be expanding the realm to producing and preserving food, gardening tactics, and more.

Looking for something to read? You will find posts on frugal ways with old knitwear, overcoming procrastination and inertia in starting a project in  Unplanned afghan blanket- don’t plan, just jump right in, thoughts on using remnants and scraps,  resourceful ways to use foliage to decorate at an event. It’s about tips, different approaches to going about creating and producing. Sometimes you may simply want to cogitate and wonder why. Why am I doing this? Do my efforts have worth? What’s it all about?

I hope you decide to follow my blog to hear more….