I’ve changed the name of my blog, from In Stitches Daily to Go Homespun. I’ve been thinking of changing the name for a while. Why? Well, like many bloggers, I started with a vague idea of what I wanted to write about. It was, I thought, about knitting, crochet, sewing, spinning and a little about dyeing with plants. It still is, but over time, I’ve found that there’s a thread running through many of my posts that wound it’s way in there quite naturally.

I’ve been gravitating (more by accident than design) towards posts about, for instance, thrifty ways to craft – re-purposing with vintage and scrap materials, designing your own sewing patterns and knitwear with a few basic skills, making your own materials from scratch by spinning and dyeing, and a little make do and mend. I’ve become fascinated by process as much as the end result, and traditional skills that most people once had, that were at the heart of a homespun life.

I like a little self-reliance, to be able to create and produce for myself (create more: shop less) and I see I’m not alone. Perhaps the cycle of earning money, followed by retail therapy leaves you with the feeling that there’s something missing? Do you (or could you) see your home turf as your homestead? It doesn’t matter where you live: countryside or town. With a few tools and materials there’s an intriguing and productive world on your doorstep.

I like to think of my home turf as my urban homestead. With drawers full of tools, yarn, fabric, a garden, gradually becoming stuffed full of useful plants and an allotment up the road, I’m always busy. Along with the change of name to Go Homespun, I’ll bring in a few thoughts from the allotment shed, the front garden, the backyard container garden and the kitchen. I like to hear your views too. People have different perspectives, depending on where they live. I’m intrigued by people who live in apartments, and have found inventive ways to be more productive at home – anyone?

Motives for doing this can vary, from simply cutting living expenses to being less consumerist and treading more lightly upon the earth. Overall, my mantra is ‘Create at home: craft and produce more, shop less’, and that’s the new sub-title to my blog.

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