Prompted by a comment posted by a follower, I thought I would air a few thoughts on learning to crochet as, recently, more than one person has said to me that they would like to learn how to crochet (or knit) but don’t think they would have the time or the ability.

Crochet, though, like many other skills is built upon a foundation of very simple steps – from little acorns big things do grow (like fully fledged granny square blankets, for example). AND you need not spend a penny, 10 pence, a £ or ££££s (or $$$$$s). U-tube can be your friend, and the time taken to get from the acorn stage to something bigger could be shorter than you would think.

To start at the beginning, about six months ago I taught the basics of crochet to a couple of friends at a ‘Crafty Creatures’ meeting. We are a group of friends who meet on a Friday evening once a month. In one evening my fellow creatures managed to learn how to crochet a foundation chain, then start a slim practice scarf (think tie or teddy bear scarf) with rows of double crochet, half treble and treble stitch (UK crochet terms). From these stitches a multitude of creations can be made.

I’m quite surprised we got that far. Can you picture the scene? Fellow crafty creatures arrive in dribs and drabs, bums shuffle around the sofa until we are all settled, then we break open a bottle of wine or two. Snacks are opened, tipped into bowls and onto plates and the chatting/gossiping starts. Learning to crochet is interspersed between guzzling wine, munching snacks and chin-wagging. It’s surprising that we manage to do any crafting at all, but generally we do.

I intended to get my two crochet students starting a granny square, but we didn’t get that far. Following that session, fellow crafty creature, Aisling, learnt to crochet granny squares using a U-tube video, and in very little time had an impressive collection of granny squares, ready to make into a granny square throw. If you’re thinking ‘but I don’t have anyone to show me the basics!’, fear not, for there are umpteen U-tube tutorials on the basics of crochet, and just about any other craft you can think of.

I’m a fan of craft books, but if you’re unsure whether you want to commit to buying a book, this could be the way to go. Since US and English crochet terminology is different, I’d suggest typing ‘U-Tube UK’ or U-Tube US’ depending on where you are. Australian and UK terminology is comparable.

As I learnt to crochet at a young age, I haven’t searched U-Tube for crochet tutorials until now, but I have spent some time at the U-tube ‘University’ figuring out other crafts (mostly spinning). I have found that the style of tutorial varies from slow-and-detailed to get-straight-to-the-point, so you need to find the style that suits you.

Having said that; here’s two examples using UK crochet terms:

Double Crochet Stitch (dc) U.K. by Crochet Hooks You

Crochet for beginners: Easy traditional granny square

So, get your chosen U-tube tutorial ready, hook and yarn poised, and off you go. Hit pause, re-wind, replay until you’ve got it!

Update: Fellow follower, Katherine Hetzl of Squidge’s Scribbles, who’s comment prompted this post, has been busy. With her daughter, after teaching herself crochet only very recently, she has created a lovely granny square blanket. It didn’t take long from the first steps…..See Crochet collaboration.