Inspiration is a fine thing, but sometimes it can fail you…..for a while. Some time ago I embarked on a pair of patchwork curtains made of fabric remnants. I was merrily stitching squares to squares, but something was bothering me. There is one fabric which is quite bold and stands out. Does that matter? Well, we already have some quite bold wallpaper, and somehow more boldness was not what was needed.

And, there was the feeling that either larger squares were needed, or it was too ‘regular’. I’d got this far, so now what? No answer sprang from the ether. So, what do when the next step, or inspiration, fails you. Throw the physical source of the problem in a cupboard until inspiration materialises.

A second, more successful option came to me, but first, the unsuccessful project came out of the cupboard again after browsing some Kaffe Fassett books on patchwork. King of colour and pattern. Why, who else? You could say he is many a crafter’s hallowed ground. Of course, the book was plucked off the library shelves., and lo and behold what I needed was there.

The work to date has not been wasted. All it needs, is a border made of smaller scraps and it would make a fine quilt.

What I have ended up with is a second creation for the curtains – an adaptation of a Kaffe Fasset design (shown as curtains in the book). It took a while to find the arrangement and some extra fabrics to make it look diffused and muted.


More on colour and pattern inspiration soon.