It’s been a hectic time at the Go Homespun household, so much so that the knitting needles, crochet hooks, drop spindles and other crafting paraphernalia have had to be put aside (hard to do) – hence a long absence.

Over the summer Mr L and I have been setting up a new allotment, to escape the wet and soggy scenario described in Spinning and watching the water levels fall. It was a shame to move from an otherwise nice spot, but watching your vegetables and fruit bushes disappear under a lake of water when the floods roll in can be demoralising. So when the offer came to move up the road (to a site that stands high and dry when all around is drenched) we couldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Even if it meant juggling this new venture with ongoing work on the soon-to-emerge, expanded In Stitches Daily towers.

So, before some pictures of crafty WIPs and FOs from others (below), I give you these:

William Morris Thistle wallpaper
Getting practised at wallpapering
How many tester pots can any one person need?
Parquet flooring – salvaged and revitalised

Despite the diversion from crafting activities I have managed to join a group of friends who have started up their own Crafty Creatures craft evenings. With a glass of wine/bubbly/cup of tea and nibbles to hand, we set to work. Here are the WIPs from the first session:

Some wallpaper decoupage from Claire-Marie, the host, to adorn and upcycle a lampshade that might otherwise have bitten the dust!

See the finished shade on Pinterest.

A different kind of decoupage, on to vintage glassware from Sheena. See Decadia Designs on Facebook and Decadia Designs blog

This little fella is on his way to being a stuffed owl, courtesy of Ash – still somewhat two-dimensional but aiming for three dimensions….

Two pretty fabric flower motifs for a girl’s dress from Emily.

A return to some crochet motifs for me, started some time ago, to be integrated into a square crochet mesh poncho.

I’m looking forward to the next evening of convivial sewing, cutting and sticking, or whatever crafts we feel inclined to bring along.