Last Saturday I went to a Celebration of Stitch event, held by the Embroiderers Guild (Worcester Branch) at the Guildhall, Worcester. This is a little diversion for this blog, as I’m not an embroiderer myself, but I was prompted by a fellow crafter and I’m glad I went as I had an enjoyable time. Here are a few photos of the lovely pieces of work on display.

The Celebration of Stitch event was hosted outside the Guildhall, but then we had an untimely example of ‘British weather’. Happily, the stitchers were offered a table inside, so in they went. By the time I arrived, sometime after the morning downpour, the main display inside had dried out, so I had a good nosey around. One table outside hosted the Stitching Line, an embroidery to which all were invited to contribute. I added a pink fly stitch flower – thanks to Hazel who patiently guided my misguided attempts. The needle wanted to go in all the wrong directions. Well, I hadn’t done any embroidery since about age 15, when embroidering crinoline ladies on to tray cloths was definitely not a cool hobby. Still, the Stitching Line did attract some young stitchers (see above), and others have to come to the Guild events, so embroidery is alive and well. Thanks to the Great British Sewing Bee sewing and needlecraft has gained some popularity: long may it continue.

Spanish inspired embroidery: Shirley Jackson
Gaudi Guell Crypt
Gaudi Guell Crypt embroidery: Shirley Jackson
Sheer embroidery
Embellished felt by ?Holly Glynn-Jackson
The Stitching Line