I love knitting – it takes up much of my spare time, but I can’t help getting tempted by a few other crafts. I started out with knitting, crochet and dressmaking long ago, and have accumulated a couple of new interests along the way. Much fun is had, but fitting it all in is a challenge, and at the moment I’m feeling like the Queen of Procastination. Such a long ‘would like to do list’ (get better at designing, try some Fair Isle, turn a heel a different way, knit some hand-dyed wool into granny crochet squares, spin some more wool?). What to do next?

‘Kate’ from Knit vintage
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Finish this? A top I have in mind for wearing to a wedding, (with a simple matching knitted skirt). The top at the moment is unfinished, owing to a little problem with the shaping the sleeve. It’s been a case of knit, spot a mistake, unravel, spot another and try again, so I’ve had to put it down for a while.

At the moment it looks like this, so it’s got some way to go.

Unfinished ‘Kate’

Meanwhile I’m carrying on with this. A straight-forward one designed from scratch by adapting Elizabeth Zimmermann instructions for a raglan sweater (or jumper). Going fine so far.



Coloured Ryeland fleece

While I’m knitting that, some recently washed fleece keeps catching my eye. ‘Come on, spin me, you know you want to. What a nice variagated yarn I’ll make’ it says. It’s on the ‘soon’ list.

Not to mention some handspun, hand-dyed yarn, yet to be used. No doubt it will sort its self out over the coming weeks.