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Plastic-free food shopping 1970s style: Part 2

In my last post Plastic-free shopping 1970s style: Part 1 we went shopping with me and my late Nan on the bus (buz) into Hanley in the centre of Stoke-on-Trent in a bid to investigate the plastic-free food that went into her… Continue Reading →

Plastic-free food shopping 1970s style: Part 1

Thinking of ditching the plastic from your food shopping haul? You wouldn’t be alone. Plastic has been all over the news recently, and you’ve probably been prompted to extract yourself from its stranglehold by the scary statistics about plastic in our… Continue Reading →

Our 2017: Work, waste and consumerism

I have been gone for just over a year. By that I mean from the blog, and for the earlier part of the year in many respects, the home, without even venturing far from home. How can that be? Why… Continue Reading →

Craftivism, Activism

I’m interrupting my plan for my next blog post which was meant to follow on from the last, BUT as significant events in the world in recent days have, I’m sure, swayed many people’s attention and sparked the most remarkable… Continue Reading →

New from old: Recycle your greetings cards into next year’s cards and wrapping 

You’ve probably seen enough of Christmas cards, now that Twelfth Night has gone and you have taken them all down. If you haven’t yet thrown them into the recycling bin (or the landfill bin, for the non – recyclable cards)… Continue Reading →

Motivation to Mend

Mending has never been my favourite occupation, but I’m learning to appreciate the art more lately. Pled ing to buy no new clothes for several more months has sharpened my attention on making what I have last longer – giving clothes… Continue Reading →

Gas-guzzling clothes

A few days ago I came across this article on Twitter – There is a major climate issue hiding in your closet: fast fashion. It resonated with me as I’ve been thinking, for a while now, about not buying clothes. Read… Continue Reading →

Go Homespun

I’ve changed the name of my blog, from In Stitches Daily to Go Homespun. I’ve been thinking of changing the name for a while. Why? Well, like many bloggers, I started with a vague idea of what I wanted to… Continue Reading →

Resourceful wedding foliage

Wedding foliage and flowers using resourceful collection from the garden

And the Bride Wears Wool

Last month I got married. And, what did the bride wear? Why, wool of course – a homemade outfit made in Scottish and Welsh wool. Those who know me well would not be the least bit surprised. Why wool? The… Continue Reading →

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